Langjökull glacier is the second biggest glacier in Iceland. Langjökull (the long glacier) stretches over 953 km2 in the western part of the Icelandic highlands. There are two highland roads leading to the glacier; Kjölur (F 35) connecting the southern part and Kaldidalur (F 550) in the west of the glacier. Our base camp is on the Kjölur road. Langjökull is rich in mountain peaks and many of them rise up to 1200 and 1300 m above sea level with Péturshorn as the highest peak at 1355 m.
Although a very little surface water runs from Langjökull it feeds the two Hvítá rivers – one in Borgarfjörður and the other to the south where the famous Gullfoss is located. Much of the water streaming from Langjökull runs sub-surface and feeds lake Þingvallavatna as well as geothermal areas on both sides of the glacier, including the Geysir area in Haukadalur.

Snowmobiles lined up with the group standing by

Ready for snowmobiling