Kerlingarfjöll is a ridge-shaped mountain range which rises to 1477 meters above sea level, situated in the Icelandic Highlands quite close to the well-known Kjölur mountain road. These are volcanic mountains which were formed by subglacial volcanic eruptions. Evidence of volcanic activity is etched upon the landscape all around Kerlingarfjöll: numerous steaming hot springs and rivulets, and the red rhyolite and obsidian rock which the mountains are composed of. Minerals have oozed copiously from the hot springs, staining the ground with surprisingly vibrant shades of red, yellow and green.

Kerlingarfjoll taken by dasein design

Photo was taken a far of Kerlingarfjöll by Dasein Design

At one time Kerlingarfjöll was a ski resort which attracted adventure seeking Icelanders, particularly during the summer months, when usually it was not possible to ski elsewhere in the south. The ski resort was closed in the year 2000 when it was decided that the area should focus on being a summer resort for adventure seekers. The Kerlingarfjöll area now attracts many Icelanders and visitors from around the world who come here to experience raw nature at its rugged best. Enjoy the challenge of an exciting mountain hike or climb. Exploring the mountains or the hot spring valley below will reveal spectacular scenery and extraordinary landscapes.

Kerlingarfjöll is a great wilderness area. Enjoy it to the max in winter with a private snowmobile tour – tingle with excitement like never before.